Our Story

Everything for a reason!


We are an urban farm located in Daybreak, South Jordan, Utah. Our interest in Microgreens came from our desire to have wholesome foods that we knew where they came from. We shopped at all the 'right stores,' bought organic, etc. But we still didn't trust it. My girlfriend and I stumbled upon Microgreens at the same time, and I decided to give growing them a try. With the help of my family, we aim to provide clean, nutritious, and delicious foods for our community and neighbors! We only use organic seeds, and organic soils/mediums, with no harsh chemicals.


While we cannot say "Organic" without paying an arm and a leg, we only use organic farming techniques and supplies. We offer local pickups or deliveries. Our vision is to give those that want healthy alternatives a choice to get it directly from the farm and support a local business!

We Making Microgreens with Taste & Soul

Until you try a Tiny Might Greens microgreen, you have no idea what you are missing.  From the punch of the radish to the nutty flavor of sunflowers, you'll love them!


Health is incredibly important to us. We have had too many friends die from cancer and researched to find out broccoli is packed full of sulforaphane and that the microgreens have 100x the density of it. So we figured why not, and we saw we could grow them all year round! Even in the harsh Utah winters, we keep our indoor farm growing! Now we had a way to provide good food with high levels of nutrients to our friends and family all year!


We never thought we could do something like this. Growing up my family didn't eat much vegetables and I never had a taste for them. Fast forward, the first time eating radish microgreens, I was hooked! The were some of the most flavorful things we'd ever eaten. You'll love them! We do!